My Top 5 Must-Try Eats (1st Qtr 2023)

This year, I have decided to share my Top 5 Must-Try Eats. Just 5 things that I have tried lately and became my own personal favorites. These are the food that I think are so good, I want to recommend them for other people to enjoy.

No. 1 Chicharon Bulaklak Rice Toppings by Smokey Plates (Naga City)- This one is my Top 1 as I have enjoyed it so much the first time that I tried it. It seems to be one of the best-sellers. Even my co-workers who eat there always order this one. Also, their liempo and spare ribs are so good.

No. 2 Sisig by Starmark Cafe (Naga City)- This is locally famous for being the signature dish of Starmark Cafe. And rightly so, it is the crunchiest and most delicious sisig that I have had the pleasure to enjoy.

No. 3 Chef’s Salad by Manna Korea (Naga City) – Everytime we would dine at Manna Korea, we’d always order this salad. Because, why not? You can bet, it’s always fresh and always served generously. So good!

No. 4 Cassava Puto from Lagonoy – This one was bought from a “manang” who happened to pass by the milk tea shop where we hanged out at Lagonoy, Cam Sur. It was bigger than the rice puto being sold in Naga and it had more sweetened coconut filling (bukayo).

No. 5 Nachos from Shawarmalicious (Naga City)- This is the perfect snack while hanging out at E-Mall in Naga City. It is very affordable but does not scrimp on ground beef, onions, green tomatoes and cucumber slices.

This has been fun and I hope you can also try these when you visit Bicol. I’m glad I get to share my favorites with you. Till the next blog post!


Published by Frances Roxas

My name is Frances Roxas, a certified Bicolana - born and bred. I have a degree in Journalism but did not pursue a career in writing since I chose government service instead. I liked the security and stability that my job offered. However, I really miss writing and I miss hearing myself think by reading my own written works. Eventually, I plan to write more and to find out where my love for this craft might take me. Every life is a journey and I believe that it is never too late to do what we love and what makes us happy.

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    1. Hello, 10 years is such a long time. I hope you finally get to visit them again…To answer your question, when I used to work in Manila, I usually travelled by bus or by plane whenever I’d come home. By plane is much convenient I think, it takes only about 45 minutes =)

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