Alinchlo Tourist Inn

Last month, I traveled solo to Sorsogon to see my parents. Before going there, I had to spend a night in Daraga, Albay because I already made a booking for Alinchlo Tourist Inn. I was supposed to stay there with Yoy and Julienne but they couldn’t make it so I had to go by myself. It has been raining too so I was like, yeah, bad weather, solo travel. I was feeling a little depressed.

First of all, how to get there. I googled the location of this inn, and since I was travelling from Naga City via UV Express, I got off at San Ramon Nonato Church in Brgy. Tagas, Daraga along the Diversion Road on the way to the airport and van terminal. This also works for those coming from Manila by bus. From the church, you can just turn left and walk for about two minutes but I took a tricycle going to the inn (paid P20.00) because of my bags.

The staff who greeted me was welcoming and friendly. They have a small store at the reception where you can buy instant cup noodles, toothpaste, shampoo, biscuits and candies, other stuff too. I bought one cup noodles (batchoy flavor) and the room boy got hot water and utensils for me.


The room. Kudos to the inn for its cleanliness. The room was newly painted, had simple but new furniture and good working aircon. The smell was nice and clean. I instantly felt comfortable.


The view from my window.


The bathroom was clean with new toilet and fixtures. There’s hot water in the shower too.


Since I was by myself, I met up with Caressa (who I work with in Naga), who also happened to be in Daraga that time. We met at Ayala Mall in Legazpi to buy supplies and have dinner. I just had to mention that when I was about to cross the road to board the Loop 2 Legazpi-Daraga jeepney, I very nearly got hit by a speeding bicycle. That was some scary sh*t.

After about two hours outside with Ca, I was able to go back to the inn in one piece. Now, going out was a breeze since you easily know when you are in Legazpi centro because of the landmarks (malls, buildings, etc.) but going back to the inn was a little tricky. First of all, you have to take the Loop 1 Daraga-Legazpi jeepney in front of LCC Mall (remember that from the inn I took the Loop 2 jeepney). Then, as I felt like the ride was taking way too long, the sights were becoming more unfamiliar. So, when I was feeling like I might miss my stop, which was the San Ramon Nonato Church, I asked the driver to drop me off at the church. Luckily, I asked in the nick of time because my stop was about 2 meters ahead.

Finally, I can rest my feet and enjoy cable TV and the strong wifi before sleeping.


The next day. That’s looking out my window and the weather was still gloomy. After putting in some work on my laptop (day job), I checked out and went on my way to Sorsogon City.


I recommend this tourist inn for solo and group travelers, and for families too. This place is good value for money, especially if you travel with your own car since you don’t have to get confused with commuting. Their rooms start at Php 800.00 if you book at the reception. I got mine at Php 896.00 via

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My name is Frances Roxas, a certified Bicolana - born and bred. I have a degree in Journalism but did not pursue a career in writing since I chose government service instead. I liked the security and stability that my job offered. However, I really miss writing and I miss hearing myself think by reading my own written works. Eventually, I plan to write more and to find out where my love for this craft might take me. Every life is a journey and I believe that it is never too late to do what we love and what makes us happy.

5 thoughts on “Alinchlo Tourist Inn

  1. How many hours more from Albay to Sorsogon? My sister who is in Barcelona wants me to go to her place in Barcelona, Sorsogon. I’ve been there a few years ago and am hesitant to go back because of the long travel. Am thinking of staying overnight either in Naga or Albay.

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    1. From Daraga or Legazpi, it would take 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to Sorsogon City. And from Sorsogon City, it would take you another hour to reach Barcelona. That is, if you are taking your own car or via UV express. It takes way longer if commuting by provincial bus or jeepney..


    1. Thank you. That was so nice of you to say. And yes, the room was clean and smelled nice. Affordable too. Too bad they probably are not open right now due to the pandemic. Stay safe and healthy! This too shall pass šŸ™‚

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