Home Garden (Naga City)

I was just going through my picture files and saw these pictures of our home garden here in Naga City. Last year, there was a time when we were not particularly very busy, especially Mama Pat, who tended our home garden which used to look like this.DSC07699DSC07701

Our garden is mainly for food than for beautification purposes, although flowers were abundant especially during summer. Like these Rosas de Alas Dies as they call it here in Naga, but my Mama used to call it “Oro Alas Dose” in Sorsogon, so called because the flowers bloom in the morning but by noon, the flowers wither.DSC03951

This blue marnate vine literally covered the window of Mama Pat’s room. You can’t even tell this is a window. Anyway, this vine has been removed a few months ago because it was getting too big already. I miss the flowers, they are actually edible and can be found to adorn salad plates in some restaurants.DSC07703

In front of our house are bougainvilleas that also yield a lot of flowers in the summer and the blue flowering plant that I don’t know the name of.17190791_1619408251409407_5117129497669685115_n17265245_1619408431409389_1668838369552764419_nΒ We also have a guava tree, cacao tree, moringga tree (malunggay) and rows of turmeric still rooted on the ground. Some plants we still have include culinary herbs like holy basil, mint and oregano. There are also aloe vera, okra, bitter gourd and eggplant.DSC07721DSC04946DSC07707

We are not as lucky growing the bitter gourd. They never seemed to grow just right, either they got eaten by insects or they ripened when still way too young so I don’t remember eating these. Although, that might be a good thing since they’re just way too bitter!Β  Β bitter gourd

And these string beans? They’re gone by now but we used to have them stir fried in soy sauce or with meat dishes like the Filipino favorite “Sinigang,” made with pork (or shrimp) with a savory and sour soup base.DSC07574

Our garden at home made me a believer that God’s blessings are truly abundant and within our reach. Because of this garden, we were able to save a lot of money since we didn’t need to buy our vegetables, we grew them (although most of the effort of course is due to Mama Pat). There was also something very special about harvesting food from the garden which always left me in awe. There was something really special about eating too knowing that there was no pesticide added and they were freshly picked. Last year, we were able to harvest this (below) almost every other day.DSC07814

Gardening truly brings joy to the heart and food to the stomach. I hope that this new year 2018, we will be able to bring our garden back to life, if our time and schedules will allow.

Thank you for reading!


Published by Frances Roxas

My name is Frances Roxas, a certified Bicolana - born and bred. I have a degree in Journalism but did not pursue a career in writing since I chose government service instead. I liked the security and stability that my job offered. However, I really miss writing and I miss hearing myself think by reading my own written works. Eventually, I plan to write more and to find out where my love for this craft might take me. Every life is a journey and I believe that it is never too late to do what we love and what makes us happy.

57 thoughts on “Home Garden (Naga City)

    1. Hello David! It is truly amazing. Whenever we would harvest from our home garden, I would feel amazed that we actually are able to grow our own food, especially now that the prices of commodities/food here in the Philippines are skyrocketing.

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  1. Another benefit of growing your own vegetables is that you can be sure they were not sprayed with pesticides. It is hard to have a garden in Metro Manila nowadays as the cost of the lots are quite high. Usually, there’s only a pocket garden.

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    1. That’s right, you can be sure there are no harmful chemicals added to your food when you grow your own. I wish more Pinoys would grow their own food especially now with the rising prices and all.


  2. Gardening is something I really miss whenever I am in the city. It is also a way of expressing our gratitude and stewardship for God’s creations. Waking up to the fresh sights of plants around is really cool! Love your garden!

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  3. Thank you for stopping at my blog and subscribing. I am going to subscribe to your as well … you and I have something in common in that we both have degrees in Journalism and pursued other careers. Your garden is beautiful, so fresh and inviting … right now we are getting ready for a 3-6 inch snowstorm as you may have noticed from my prior two posts (I hate snow and whine it about it alot … this is because I am an avid walker and a Winter Weenie about driving and happily I work from home so don’t deal with it on an everyday basis). I would love to be looking at all that greenery right now, I’ll tell you that.

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    1. Thanks a lot for following as well Linda! I’m glad you liked our garden. We are looking to revive it come summer time. I’m glad to know you have a degree in Journalism too. There are times I wish I worked as a writer but that is not what life planned out for me. That’s the thing about not being stubborn about what you want, you get what life dishes out. Not that I’m whining, life’s been good, if not great. I’m sorry you have to endure all that snow. I can only imagine how cold and inconvenient it can be, but I’m sure you’d find a way to enjoy winter =)

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      1. Thanks Frances for your comments. I graduated with my degree in print journalism (was your degree print or broadcast journalism?) and this was in 1978. In 1972 was Watergate and everyone wanted to be an investigative reporter like Woodward and Bernstein, so everyone rushed to go to school and major in journalism. So, by the time I graduated college, the market was flooded with journalism students and nowhere to put us. Not even on small newspaper. And, we couldn’t even be placed in internships at newspapers which was a prerequisite for graduation – I was put into a public relations internship. I was working at an ad agency, hoping to work my way up the ladder from a secretarial position, but we lost a major account (Chrysler) and many of the writers and art directors left. I left as well and been a legal secretary since 1980. We had a lot of snow … now five inches and I’m a Winter Weenie about driving in it as I took the bus for years, and now work from home. I would like … no love … to be enjoying all that lush greenery I saw in your pictures. πŸ™‚

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      2. My degree in Journalism is both for print and broadcasting. We were trained in writing for newspapers as well as in radio and television broadcasting. However, when I was on my internship, I was assigned at the Senate Media Department in the Philippines and the job was all about press release and I was dead bored. The things they talked about in the Senate I found so very boring. I guess I was young and wanted a more glamorous take on journalism which was not exactly the case during my internship. So, after graduation, I found myself working for the local government of my hometown Sorsogon, then I transferred to work for another government agency and the rest is history. That was a very interesting story of why you took up Journalism. Sometimes, I still wish I worked as a journalist though… Have a great weekend ahead (even with all that snow)!

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      3. That is nice that you can study both kinds of journalism and maybe it is like that now … I graduated back in 1978. Sometimes things don’t fall into place right away – I had hoped I could work my way up the ladder at the ad agency where I went right after I graduated from school, but we lost a major account and many of the creative department people (mostly writers, some art directors) left for other agencies. They are a transient bunch at ad agencies. It worked out well for you so it was serendipidy that job came along.


  4. Dear Frances!
    Being a professional gardener besides other jobs it is always a pleasure to read about friends’ garden! And I certainly how tough at is as in my case I do have to take care of a roof garden here in Japan! Thank you so much for the pleasure!
    Best regards,

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    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment Robert! So nice to know that a professional gardener such as yourself liked our simple garden at home. I’m sure your roof garden is lovely, especially that it is located in one of the countries I admire the most-Japan. I will visit your blog the soonest hoping to see this garden of yours! πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Anne! Thanks a lot! I’m hoping to have more time in the future so we can tend the garden better (buy more seedlings and plant whatever we can fit in our little patch of earth). I hope you will have a better luck with yours this year =)

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    1. Hi! I hope your brother is liking Manila just fine but it’s not for me. It was just too much. Too much noise, too many people, too chaotic. That’s why I went back to my home in the province.


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