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I have always wanted to see the much talked about Christmas lights and displays in Ligao City. The Ligaoeños, I hear, take their yearly Christmas displays rather seriously. And it pays off, since Ligao has always been featured on both local and national television this time of the year.

So, I thought it was really lucky that my co-workers and I got to go on a side trip to Ligao after our Christmas Party in our regional office in Legazpi City last Friday. It was almost 8:00 PM when we got there, and at first, we hesitated since we did not really know which way to go. It was our first time to go to the centro of Ligao but it did not take long for us to find the church and the lights display was so easy to find that we didn’t even need to ask for directions. All we needed to do was to “follow the light(s)” hehe. So by this time, I was already very excited and I haven’t felt that way about Christmas in a while, or maybe I just got excited to find new material for my blog? Hmm.

We parked inside the compound of Saint Stephen Promartyr Parish Church. This is what the church looks like at this time.Christmas Lights in Ligao City 2017 1

Christmas lights in ligao city 2017 2

And just outside the church is the 54 meters tall Christmas tree made from blue LED lights with a star on top. It’s kinda hard to take a photo of the whole tree though because some guys just stood around it (really closely) even when they’re obviously not having their picture taken. Anyway, the tree was amazing!christmas lights in ligao city 2017_8

Then we went to their plaza which is adorned by hundreds of star-shaped lanterns locally called parol in the Philippines. It was such an amazing sight to see. Just three colors- dark blue, sky blue and lights in ligao city 2017_4

Isn’t it weird how a bunch of lanterns lighting up the dark night can stir up some feelings of child-like excitement and wonder? Things one may have forgotten in his quest for a better shot at the future by slaving away infront of the computer meeting deadlines, and being oblivious to the rest of the world. Such a toxic life can be a real pain in the ass in the long run because time flies and we will not live forever.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” So the lanterns were there to remind me I should live a little, or live more.chritmas lights in ligao city 2017_11

A little trivia, do you know that the Christmas tree and the star lanterns were hand-made by jail inmates in Ligao? It’s good that they have used their talents for a good cause. Their work is not too shabby, by the lights in ligao city 2017_6christmas lights in ligao city_16

When we were there, a lot of people were in the plaza to watch “Patiribayan sa Ligao” which was a singing contest. Everywhere, the smell of popcorn, barbeque and hotcakes was very inviting but I kept thinking if only there was somewhere I could get a cup of coffee. I didn’t get my cuppa though because we already had to lights in ligao city 2017_9

The people of Ligao must be very proud for coming up with such a great way to put their place in the map, so to speak, by making sure that the festive mood of the holidays can be felt by everyone who visits. It sure is something to look forward to every year. Christmas is only a few days away, I hope you all are excited and feeling the Christmas spirit already!



Published by Frances Roxas

My name is Frances Roxas, a certified Bicolana - born and bred. I have a degree in Journalism but I did not pursue a career in writing since life offered me instead jobs in government service. I settled with what felt comfortable and secure instead of reaching for a higher goal that might have taken me on a completely different path. Eventually, I plan to write more and find more avenues to showcase my love for writing and for self expression. Every life is a journey and I believe that there is always an opportunity and the time to do what we love and what makes us happy.


  1. You look too young for that parols to remind of your childhood. I think those ‘stars’ where from long ago and faded out of fashion sometime — in the late 80s?

    But the parols are — for me too — one of the most beautiful attractions during this time of year. Simply, minimalist. Those parols in Ligao are excellent. As for the color combi, may taste ang designer.

    This year, Bangko Sentral put up parols as well. Like those in Ligao. But only colorful. Still amazing to me. And somewhat melancholic.

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    1. Oh thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment, being that I am actually 36 years old already haha. But it’s not just the parols that take me back to my childhood, it’s the whole idea, look, smell and everything about Christmas.

      Wow, I can just imagine that the parols of Bangko Sentral must be really nice. You’re right, parols are minimalist but they look truly Filipino. =)


  2. If you’re 36, you were born when “Mary’s Boy Child” by Boney M was the best Christmas disco. Anyway, I will be in Iriga this Christmas. For more Christmas street photography. You can find me in FB btw. Photowalk Irigacity. Maligayang Pasko po!

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    1. Nice to know that=) I will look you up on FB then, hope you feature some good stuff about Iriga this Christmas. I was pestering my co-worker about what great places to visit in Iriga (she lives there) but she said there’s nothing but that spring (I forgot what it’s called) but I doubt there’s nothing else, right? Have a Merry Christmas!


      1. ‘Masosu Spring.’ I havent tried a plunge in that biting cold pool. My skin and bones wont let me. You havent been to Iriga? I believe no place is uninteresting — from a street photographer’s point of view. Hope you enjoy my photowalks. Have a joyful Christmas too!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, that’s the one, Masosu Spring. I have been to Iriga at least 4 times already but it was only to fetch a co-worker from her house on the way to Albay and back. I have yet to explore the place. Your photowalks are great by the way!

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  3. Beautiful! Sometimes we (Americans) forget that there are other places out there that also celebrate Christmas! Perhaps I’m showing my age! 🙂 Our niece’s husband teaches at a seminary in Manila. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’ll be blessed for following my site in 2018!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting and reading my blog! Yes we do celebrate Christmas in the Philippines. We start decorating and planning our office parties as early as October lol. People here are so into the season it’s crazy. I hope your niece’s husband is doing well in Manila. God bless you. Happy new year!


  4. Hey there! Thanks for the follow at Chlohemian. These lights are amazing. It reminds me of my experience in Ljubljana, Slovenia last year- I arrived at 6am and had em all to myself. They really bring Christmas cheer 🙂

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