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The beginning of the rainy season can now be felt here in Bicol, even though the heat is still the same as if summer is not quite ready to leave just yet. The rain falls every now and then, at the most unexpected times, as if to mourn the death of our soldiers who fought hard in battle to keep the peace and to protect the innocent in Marawi. God bless them. And as the country is torn and heartbroken over the war waged by the terrorists against the government and its people, I myself don’t feel the enthusiasm to urge people to travel and have a fun time just now.

However, I would like to introduce a place that is great for introspection. A peaceful place that can be a solace for troubled minds. In this time of turmoil for my country, we need to find that peace within ourselves, to extend our hands to God for comfort. Below are the photos of my visit to Kawakawa Natural Park in Ligao, Albay some years ago. It is a place I can think of that made me feel so near to God before, even though God is really within us all in the first place.


“Welcome to this famous hill without a hilltop” the marker says. The locals have told us that Kawakawa Hill is so named because the shape of its crater  is easily likened to a “kawa” or a wok being used for cooking.


Every summer is the right time to visit to witness hundreds of sunflowers while in bloom. Unfortunately, when friends and I went there they have just harvested the flowers a few days ago, which then left us with only a few blooms to enjoy.543242_447582698591974_1930491131_n554638_447581715258739_103050721_n536653_447583481925229_1140660211_n

The view from the top was so relaxing that I can easily see myself retiring and living in such a place. There is something about being in a high place that is uplifting to the spirits as well. I remember instantly feeling better.576365_447581998592044_1393260001_n562627_447582368592007_1719302356_n542362_447584278591816_778806875_n525787_447582041925373_1550998116_n

KawaKawa Park is not hard to find. There are markers along Maharlika Highway in Ligao, Albay that points to the direction of the park which is located in Tuburan. So whether you come from Legazpi or from Manila, it is very accessible. The entrance fee happens to be P10.00 only. Also, the locals are quite helpful and friendly so there should be no reason to get lost.



  1. Kawakawa Hill and park look amazing. What a view from the top. Looks like you missed the rain and looked like a nice day, though maybe it was quiet hot… 😀 Didn’t know Philippines has sunflowers. That one bloomed beautifully, and I am sure it will have many friends soon 🙂 Interesting to hear that the hill is shaped a bit like a wok. I can’t see it but maybe you must be there to see and believe it 😀

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    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Actually it rained quite a bit while we were going up the hill but then the sun was shining again once we get to the top. Yes, we do have sunflowers in the Phil 🙂 my apologies by the way, my pictures did not exactly show the shape of the hill but when you get to the top, you can look down on the crater like center that’s why it looks like a wok. Hope you get to see it soon! 🙂

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      1. I live in KSA have a lot of fellow Phillipine community. But didn’t know their country back home. Except the negative media coverage, which I don’t want to discuss.

        Your and one another blogger post, shows the other side of the coin. Which is way different. So thank you for showing your country

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      2. It’s my pleasure, I don’t like discussing the negative stuff about my country either. There’s just so much negativity that I’ve even stopped watching the news. I believe there is so much more to life than that, so I try to stay positive and to focus on the good.


    1. Thank you so much for liking my blog! My blog is so simple really, but it’s so nice to know when people like it nonetheless. I think your blog is lovely as well. Travel blogs take me to places I may never go to, but thanks to blogs like yours, I feel like I got there as well. =)

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