It was my first time to go to Pasacao two days ago, and it was only about 40 minutes of commute from Naga City, where I live. That near, but it took me nearly six years before I was able to go. I used to hear about it a lot though. I also heard that the beach was not impressive so I was not really in a hurry to see it.

So, it was the perfect opportunity when a family reunion (Yoy’s side) was scheduled on the 3rd of May to finally give Pasacao a visit. Although I learned that it has always been their tradition to hold the reunion on that same date every year, it was our first time to attend. I guess, we always had a valid reason (or some poor excuse) not to go.

Anyway, how to get there from Naga City? Ask a tricycle driver to take you to the van terminal in Sabang near LCC Department Store. The tricycle fare is P8.00 per person while the van fare to the town of Pasacao is P50.00 per person. Upon reaching Pasacao, ask a tricycle driver to take you to Barangay Balogo where the beach is. The tricycles can be rented for P100.00 per trip to transport a whole group of people to Balogo. There should be no problem looking for a place to stay when you get to Balogo as resorts and travel lodges are everywhere.

As expected, Balogo beach was no reason to jump up and down about. The beach was crowded and loud with drunk people singing karaoke the whole night, and a bit disorganized. The sand  is also on the gray side and dogs roam about. So, at the crack of dawn the next day, we rented a boat for P600 to bring us to the island of Daruanak- the one just across the beach. And to Mainit Island after.

Daruanak Island


Daruanak Island has a nicer beach, it is on the lighter side with broken corals and rocks. It’s a lot cleaner too, even the water looks bluer. A lot better for swimming.


We did not take a dip that time though because someone said there were urchins, so we decided to head on to Mainit Island, which is so called because there is a spring thereat that spouts hot water.

The view on the way to the next island…




Mainit Island


In Mainit Island, the water is a little warm which is great for swimming. The shore is full of pebbles, all of different shapes, sizes and colors. I even found some blunt white crystals that got me a little excited. I had a field day picking my loot, only to leave them all behind on the boat when we got back to Balogo beach =(DSC02905




It was a good day that went by too fast, then finally, it was time to go back home. Our happy faces though could mean we may be back next year. Same day too!


Published by Frances Roxas

My name is Frances Roxas, a certified Bicolana - born and bred. I have a degree in Journalism but I did not pursue a career in writing since life offered me instead jobs in government service. I settled with what felt comfortable and secure instead of reaching for a higher goal that might have taken me on a completely different path. Eventually, I plan to write more and find more avenues to showcase my love for writing and for self expression. Every life is a journey and I believe that there is always an opportunity and the time to do what we love and what makes us happy.


  1. I’ve been to Barcelona, Sorsogon and I’m planning to explore more of Bicol esp. Catanduanes and CamSur. I hope you’d talk about accommodations as I’m from MetroManila. Thanks and looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Barcelona is nice, isn’t it? Although I wish you could have taken the extra 40 minutes or so of travel to get to Bulusan from there. Bulusan has so much to offer like natural spring pools and Bulusan Lake. As for accommodations, I will try my best to blog more about it soon =)

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  2. Hello to you, thanks for following my blog. I am following yours now. I only read the one post so far, but it looks so beautiful there. I just feel like jumping in the water. It’s nice to meet you and I am going to try and read more of your blog, to get to know you better. My name is Kathy


    1. Hello Kathy! My name is France. Thanks for following back. I’m a new blogger so I like to connect with other bloggers, and I feel that bloggers are generally very nice all over the world. I will try and drop by your blog whenever I can too. =)

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      1. I remember when I was new. I haven’t been doing it that long, but I am up to 345 followers and it is almost impossible to keep up with them all, especially the earlier ones.
        If you get the time, stop by. I haven’t been writing much at all lately. Having problems coming up with material.

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  3. Ah I loved this post so much and the pictures!!! I’ve been to Bicol before (maybe when I was 7 or 8) and I remember it being sooo beautiful with all those bodies of water! Most of my relatives live in Bicol– particularly in Cam Sur and I badly want to visit again. ❤

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    1. Please come and visit the Philippines soon! You’ll find Manila confusing and possibly chaotic but our beaches in the provinces are really worth it. Thank you for your kind comments!


  4. I also like to stay away from the crowded beaches and look for the hidden gems instead. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for the follow on my blog, I’m returning the favour and look forward to reading more here. My name is Hester.

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